The Future of Kickin’Inn


The Future of Kickin’Inn


Kickin’Inn is the name on everyone’s mouths at the moment and people want to know why? The answer is simple, delicious tasting seafood, an unforgettable but unique dining experience and sensational customer service. Simple right? Well not as simple as you think. 


Kickin’Inn has been on an inspired mission for the past 4 years to become the #1 seafood restaurant in Australia. With this has come a lot of hard work, many hiccups, many obstacles and many learning experiences. However, we are happy to say that all the challenges and obstacles faced, have allowed us to build ourselves one of the most established seafood restaurants in the Australian market. Whilst we’ve created the ultimate dining experience from start to finish, we are always working to improve on a daily basis, and add value to a customer’s dining experience wherever that may be. 


Mixed bag-seafood


In the coming years, our focus will be entirely on how we can touch 26,000,000 million Australian hearts. Our brand has already made a great impact in the Australian market, however we want everyone to have experienced a Kickin’Inn dining experience at least once in their lifetime. Expansion is our #1 goal at the moment. As we speak, Kickin’Inn has 13 restaurants operating Australia wide, however there are parts of the country that we haven’t made an impact on yet. For the remainder of the year and continuing into 2023, we’ll be working tirelessly to open stores in Western Australia, Tasmanian and South Australia and even start looking at New Zealand! Whilst we’ve touched so many hearts already, there is still a large portion of the Australian market that havent had the chance to indulge in a Kickin’Inn experience. Our end goal is to have 100 stores Australia wide, and eventually expand globally. We believe our dining experience is one like no other, and it fills our heart with so much joy when we hear and see happy customers who can’t wait to come back for more.

Kickin’ Tribe


The Kickin’ Tribe will continue to expand into the future, with over 400 staff already, we anticipate that number to reach over 1000 in the coming years. With this vision in mind it’s important that our tribe members share the same ethics and goals as the company. With our rapid expansion, we’ll be actively looking for new Kickin’ Tribe members to join us on our path to the top. We encourage everyone to look out for new opportunities within Kickin’Inn as there will be many more positions available in the coming years. Our tribe is the heart and soul of the business, who continue to serve thousands of customers weekly, carry out the Kickin’Inn mission and build the Kickin’Inn brand. We look forward to meeting future Kickin’Inn Tribe members.


How We Reach Our Vision


With all this being said you must be wondering, how do we reach our goals and continue to follow the company’s vision? Over the next 5 years Kickin’Inn will be focusing on being proactive in adopting new trends and leading the food & beverage industry in innovation. We believe AI (artificial intelligence), SI (social intelligence) and EI (emotional intelligence) will play a big role in decision making on our company’s decisions and innovative practices we adopt. An avenue we’re excited to venture down is the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) route. The purpose of AR is to enhance the virtual world and the real world, whereas, VR replaces the real world with a fictional reality. We want to incorporate this into Kickin’Inn and provide a more fun and interactive experience that customers will remember forever. The digital world continues to evolve on a day to day basis, so it’s our vision to bring this to life from a Kickin’Inn perspective. We want to provide customers with an ever evolving dining experience, which begins before they even step foot in a restaurant. 


We are always asking, how can we improve the Kickin’Inn experience? For us the Kickin’Inn experience begins before a customer steps in the restaurant and ends well after they leave the restaurant. We want to engage the customer before they dine, providing an unforgettable eating experience, and have them leaving satisfied. The Kickin’Inn vision has never been stronger, as our goal to touch 26,000,000 hearts is an ever evolving journey. The continued support shown is a testament to our extremely loyal customers. We look forward to further growing the Kickin’Inn brand and having lots of fun along the way!