Kickin’Inn’s #ActForHumanity

Kickin’Inn’s #ActForHumanity continues this month as we raise money for Australian Red Cross to help provide vital financial support and assistance for at risk youth in Australia and break the cycle of disadvantage. 

Humanitarian needs are growing dramatically each year, with more than 270 million people needing humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022 alone! In an average year, Red Cross helps more than 2000 people find housing and supports over 1000 people who are at risk of becoming homeless, through a range of programs and initiatives. These include Night Cafe, the Young Parents Program, the Learner Driver Mentor Program, WorkREDi, The SHAK and more. 

In the month of June, $1 from the sale of every Mixed Bag® will be donated directly to Australian Red Cross to help support these incredible programs and initiatives. By purchasing a Mixed Bag®, YOU directly help break the cycle of disadvantage in Australia!

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UPDATE: Kickin’Inn’s #ActForHumanity

As we wrap up our two month campaign with Australian Red Cross raising funds and awareness for Aussies experiencing loneliness and social exclusion, we are extremely proud to share that with your help, we have collectively raised $15,005 across April and May, which will be donated directly to Australian Red Cross.
More than 50% of Australians are experiencing loneliness and social disconnection, which can severely impact our overall health and happiness. With the support of all our fans and customers, the funds raised will be distributed across a number of Australian Red Cross initiatives, such as the Community Visitors Scheme, Night Cafe, TeleCross, Meals on Wheels and more. Kickin’Inn is proud to join the fight to reduce loneliness and promote social inclusion among our fellow Aussies!
As we enter June, we will be shifting our focus and raising vital funds to support justice and at risk youth in Australia. Simply purchase a Mixed Bag® from any of our stores and $1 will be donated directly to support this vital cause!
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