Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work In December 2022, Kickin’Inn embarked on the journey of becoming a certified Great Place to Work. As of June 2023, we proudly announce that we have achieved Great Place to Work-Certified™ status for 2023-2024. What is Great Place to Work? Great Place to Work is a nationally recognised program that employs … Continue reading “Great Place to Work”

Mother’s Day 2023

Kickin’Inn Mother’s Day Long Weekend   Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Well, look no further. Kickin’Inn is holding a Mother’s Day long weekend from 12th May to 14th May. Kickin’Inn has two exclusive deals to help you celebrate your mother in style. Both deals will be available to purchase Friday-Sunday and … Continue reading “Mother’s Day 2023”

Kickin’Inn Barra Burger

Barra Burger   Kickin’inn has launched its brand new Barra Burger! This product will run until the 23rd of April. Our brand new Barra Burger will include a fresh Barramundi patty which will be the star. Priced at $7.95, it’s a steal for seafood lovers that you won’t want to miss out on.   Our … Continue reading “Kickin’Inn Barra Burger”

Mardi Gra 2023

Mardi Gra 2023   It’s that time of year again, Mardi Gras! A time for celebration, indulgence, and of course, delicious food. What better place to celebrate Mardi Gras in 2023 than at Kickin’Inn? We are thrilled to join the festivities and bring a taste of Kajun seafood to your plate. There is plenty on … Continue reading “Mardi Gra 2023”

Kickin’Inn E-Gift Cards

Kickin’Inn E-gift Cards   Gifting someone a gift card is a great way to show you appreciate them and say thank you, and what better way to do so than with a delicious seafood feast from Kickin’Inn? E-gift cards are the perfect way to send someone a thoughtful gift in minutes. Purchasing an e-gift card … Continue reading “Kickin’Inn E-Gift Cards”

The Health Benefits of Seafood: Why You Should Dine In at Kickin’Inn!

What are the Benefits of Eating Seafood?   At Kickin’Inn, we pride ourselves on serving delicious and tasty Kajun seafood. Not only is our seafood a good source of protein, but it also provides a wide range of important nutrients and health benefits. Lucky for you Kickin’Inn has an abundance of seafood on offer in … Continue reading “The Health Benefits of Seafood: Why You Should Dine In at Kickin’Inn!”

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Our Crab Specials!

What is Lunar New Year? Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in many East Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, and Korea. The date of the Lunar New Year varies each year, as it follows the lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar. Lunar New … Continue reading “Celebrate Lunar New Year with Our Crab Specials!”

Working at Kickin’Inn

Working at Kickin’Inn Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Kickin’Inn? Look no further! Over the past four years, Kickin’Inn has experienced rapid growth, and we are now proud to say today we have over 400 Kickin’ tribe members. Our tribe members are the heart and soul of our brand, with each and every … Continue reading “Working at Kickin’Inn”

2023 at Kickin’Inn

2022 Wrapped Up!   What a year 2022 was at Kickin’Inn! It’s safe to say this was our most successful year to date, all made possible by our amazing customers. After some unforeseeable challenges that saw us and the country go into lockdown in 2021, it was great to finally see the back end of … Continue reading “2023 at Kickin’Inn”

Kickin’Inn Favourites

Kickin’Inn Favourites   If you’re new to Kickin’inn, let us introduce you to our absolute menu showstoppers, the KICKIN’ MIXED BAG®, the Kickin’Licious, and the Kickin’Classic. If you’ve never been to Kickin’Inn before you’re probably wondering what products you see on everyone’s social media posts. Well, you can stop wondering because we can confidently tell … Continue reading “Kickin’Inn Favourites”