Delicious Kajun Seafood

At Kickin’Inn, it is our mission to introduce you to our unique flavours, using 55 herbs. Delicious seafood boil, cooked to perfection in your choice of sauce. Whether it is Kajun, Garlic Kajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper or our famous Sha-Bang, the taste is to die for. Kickin Inn is a dining experience like no other. Determined that their idea of fun eating will be a triumph “Kickin’ Inn”, Sami and Ravi decided it was time to position their thoughts in action.

The finest Kajun flavours

A unique dining experience

At Kickin’Inn we prefer not to give any plates or cutleries because you eat right from a seafood bag from the table and with your hands. Don’t worry we provide bibs and gloves (and of course, cutlery if requested).

A home-grown brand, Kickin’Inn aims to deliver best seafood. We offer a wide range of seafood cooked to perfection that will make your taste buds tingle with joy.

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Food Lovers

  • 5 star review  Delicious, I love the concept. Nice clean restaurant, friendly staff, good variety on the menu. Food was super tasty, we had the lobster and mini mixed bag with two glasses of wing for just under $80 for lunch and I was able to use the dine and discover voucher. The sauce on the seafood was delish. I really like the concept of pouring it on the table and eating with your hands.

    thumb Rhy H

    4 star review  We came here on a public holiday to try out the seafood. They're amazing. We ordered the mixed bag together with mild Sha-Bang sauce. Absolutely delicious. I also love the sweet potato fries!

    thumb Shel W

    5 star review  Cool ambience. Loved the experience. Eating food with hands no plates and everything is placed on the table😅😅. Very cool experience. The service was nice and staff were very friendly. Totally recommend the place. Will surely visit again.

    thumb Riya Basnet

    5 star review  Absolutely fabulous! The service was amazing, warm and welcoming, attention to detail and friendly. Didn't have to wait long at all fir our dinner. They politely watched and waited till we had finished our dinner and surprised me with a birthday cake with a lit candle followed by a beautiful rose. To complete the amazing experience the staff sang happy birthday to me and watched me blow out the candle. We highly recommend it. Hurry and book a table. I'm definitely going again

    thumb Diana Nahmy

    4 star review  Fun experience with friends. We loved the garlic butter sauce with king crab. Be careful of the hot sauce that can drip off the tables when pouring the goods out of the bags. Lot of single use plastic being used here which made me a bit uncomfortable to be honest. Some items are understandable but cups definitely didn't have to be.

    thumb Stephanie Lee

    5 star review  Fantastic dinner! Service was good, the owner even came by the table to say hello. Mixed bag was the best, messy and fun and delicious! The child was very happy with the kids pasta as well, the large serving was devoured. Good value for money seafood, large portions!

    thumb Leesa Rogash

    5 star review  Had dinner here tonight, it was quite an experience. Well worth the 2 trains and 6 minutes walk to get there. We had a mixed bag with sha-bag sauce, a while lobster with garlic butter sauce which came with chips and salad and 2 serves of rice. Everything we had was delicious and tasty. The seafood was fresh and well cooked not over cooked at all, very juicy and the crabs were sweet in taste. Worth going as a group and splitting the bill. We were served by Nathan who was great with sharing the menu and giving us suggestions of what's good. Thanks for a great end to the week.

    thumb 7K Tribe

    5 star review  Great fun and different- if you don’t mind no plates or cutlery you will love it. We went for 2 different flavors which was great a garlic and the combination. 2 bags of mixed seafood which was more then plenty for 4 of us. It’s simple fun and yum. Highly recommend this place to anyone

    thumb Leon Cristy

    5 star review  By far the most incredible dine in experience. Felt like I was in another country, the service was so fun and the food, OH MY GOD IT'S SO TASTY. Its obvious lots of work went into providing a unique and fun experience for the diner. Thank you for making this place a reality, thank you for making us and my 4yr old feel so welcome and not want to leave. See you again soon. You are amazing

    thumb Mark Antony Ramos

    5 star review  This was so awesome!!!! No plates and there is no cutlery, you eat right from the bag, on the table and with your hands. Bibs and gloves provided. Our waitress Natalie was so lovely! She was so helpful and spent time to explain the menu and answer all our questions! Such a fun experience and such lovely and polite staff!! Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jamison Amelie

    5 star review  I went here with my friends to have dinner and it was amazing! The service was great, food is delicious and all the staff were friendly. Special thanks to Arpan for accommodating us and making sure we are having a great time! It was worth every penny ❤️ Can’t wait to go back. 🙂

    thumb French Quezon

    5 star review  My partner took me here to celebrate my birthday and the food and atmosphere was amazing. We ordered the mud crab and food was prepared to an exceptional standard and was absolutely delicious. On top of this the staff were all so friendly and one of the co-owners Stevie, took the time to welcome us personally as this was our first time. They brought out a delicious cake and sang happy birthday and really made the night very memorable. We’re looking forward to going back very soon !

    thumb Anna Shankinie

    4 star review  Nice place for an occasion. Having food served onto your table and eating with hands is a fun novelty but gloves and bibs are provided. Disappointingly, several items we were after weren't in stock when we dined. Food was on the saltier side but the she-bang sauce was nice. Definitely a place to go with groups. The balloons for kids were a nice touch.

    thumb Ryan T

    5 star review  What can I say 🙌🏼 I booked this dinner for my friends birthday and it will be a birthday she will never forget. The service, food and atmosphere were amazing!! The staff surprised her with a birthday 🎂 song, cake, shot and beautiful rose 🌹 making the evening as memorable as it was delicious 🤤 Highly recommended, I know I will be going back for more.

    thumb Fotini Barberakis

    5 star review  Really generous portion sizes! Really good service and explanation for first time visitors. Garlic Cajun is the way to go! No complaints here. Had the mix bad and Alaskans king crab cluster. Cluster was amazing. Really nice tasty food all up. Also to see the owner in on a Sunday and interacting with staff and guests is always a major plus to see! Will be back again!

    thumb Mitch Davies

    4 star review  good restaurant with amazing customer service but its quite overpriced

    thumb Grace So