Frequently Asked Questions

Some people get lucky to find both B’s – a best friend and a business partner. This is how a brand like Kickin’Inn was born. Sami and Ravi have been friends for 30 years and they decided to collaborate and build a dream together. They came up with a fun concept named Kickin’Inn. Kickin means to get a kick out of the delicious sauces and Inn are the warmth and homely feeling you get at our Kickin’Inn restaurants. Volia Kickin’Inn was born to spread the love of seafood in a fun vibrant setting.

Cajun originated from Louisiana, it has an amazing flavour which is created through a combination of various herbs and spices to allow for a bold taste. Everyone tends to have their own spin on it, but in general, it is a spicy blend featuring lots of herbs, Kickin’Inn blends its own and has secret ingredients.

Cajun seasoning has a combination of different herbs and spices consisting of cayenne peppers, paprika, garlic, onion and many others which are all joined together to create the bold and tasty flavour that it makes. Every time a menu item is ordered, the sauces are made from scratch giving it a special touch and consistency of taste. We cook the sauces to your heat preference. Whether you like mild, spicy or even 000+, our wonderful kitchen staff will cook to your liking. Guess what? All our sauces are vegetarian and gluten free.

It’s simple – we are unique and different.
It took Sami and Ravi 3 years to crack their secret golden recipe which is unique and has the Kickin’Inn touch. So, at Kickin’Inn, you taste the real Cajun made with love.

yes, it is 100% Halal.

Yes, all our sauces are gluten free and vegetarian.

No, there are traces of butter. But, if you are dairy intolerant, please let our staff know and they will make sure to not use butter.

No, we don’t use any alcohol in our cooking.

No, we don’t accept split bills.

Yes you can, but a corkage charge of $3 applies.

We strongly advise to book a table especially on week-ends which are more busy days. The customer will have to book a table 24-hours in advance.

Yes, Kickin’Inn is fully licensed.

Yes. You can purchase it from any of our Kickin’Inn restaurant.

All seafood that we use is fresh-frozen. We do not process any seafood on-premises.

Mixed Bag is good for 2 people.

We use Alaskan Pollock for Fish & Chips that is not beer battered. And, we use Barramundi fillet for fish plate.

No, we don’t.

Yes, all our restaurants are wheel chair accessible.

Yes, we do takeaway. You can create the Kickin’ vibe at home. We do provide bibs, gloves & butcher’s paper. Hooray!

You can find the menu on our website

Kickin’Lager is our very own label, produced by Asahi.

Yes, you can. You will have to pay a deposit of $10 per person if you want to book a table of 15 or more. Please be aware that if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, the deposit will not be refunded.