Kickin’Inn Favourites


Kickin’Inn Favourites


If you’re new to Kickin’inn, let us introduce you to our absolute menu showstoppers, the KICKIN’ MIXED BAG®, the Kickin’Licious, and the Kickin’Classic. If you’ve never been to Kickin’Inn before you’re probably wondering what products you see on everyone’s social media posts. Well, you can stop wondering because we can confidently tell you that it’s one of these 3 delicious bags. The KICKIN’ MIXED BAG®, Kickin’Licious, and Kickin’Classic are our fan favourites for a great reason. Each contains a variety of different seafood mixed with potatoes in a choice of our signature sauces. All three bags are designed to feed 2-3 people, perfect for sharing with friends or family on a night out or for a quick lunch 😉



Mixed Bag®

Our KICKIN’ MIXED BAG® is our best seller amongst all our restaurants and is loved by everyone. It consists of:

12 x whole fresh prawns 🦐

12 x peeled prawns 🍤

12 x blue swimmer crabs 🦀

12 x half shelled mussels 🐙

1kg pipis 🦪

4 x potatoes 🥔


What makes our KICKIN’ MIXED BAG® so great is the variety of seafood within it. There are 5 different seafood items in the bag with something for everyone to enjoy. The KICKIN’ MIXED BAG® was designed specifically to share amongst 2-3 people, for the price of $169.95. This feast goes even better with sides added on, our suggestion is to add on a baguette or rice to soak up all those delicious sauces, leaving nothing to waste!




The Kickin’Licious is our self-proclaimed fan favourite and is simply to die for. It contains:

10 x whole fresh prawns 🦐

10 x peeled prawns 🍤

2 x halves of lobsters 🦞

4 x potatoes 🥔


It’s packed with some of our favourite seafood items. It’s designed for 2-3 people, showcasing our fresh lobster, packed full of flavour and pairing it off with some peeled and whole prawns, all for a price of $149.95. If you love lobster and you love prawns, then it’s safe to say you’ll love the Kickin’Licious.




Want to ball but on a budget? Well then the Kickin’Classic has you sorted. Perfect for 2 people the Kickin’Classic has a large variety but in perfect quantities. It includes:

5 x whole fresh prawns 🦐

5 x peeled prawns 🍤

5 x half bay bugs 🦞

5 x half shelled mussels 🦪

2 x mud crab halves 🦀

4 x potatoes 🥔


The Kickin’Classic was introduced to suit people who were looking to not spend as much, but still wanted the best of the Kickin’Licious and KICKIN’ MIXED BAG®. At Kickin’Inn we always have our customers at the forefront of our mind, so with the rising costs of living, we wanted to treat our customers to something special. Priced at $124.95, the Kickin’Classic is more cost-friendly, but still packs a massive amount of flavour and contains some of the finest seafood we have to offer.


If you’re ever stuck on what to order at Kickin’Inn hopefully this helps you make up your mind! What makes all three bags so great is the variety of seafood within each bag. Nowhere else can you find a seafood restaurant that serves this much variety of seafood at such an affordable price. What makes it even better is you can share each bag with your friends and family to taste an unforgettable experience!