Kickin’Inn is now open at Emerton Village!

For Sami and Ravi as the creators of Kickin’Inn, the brand has been of immense pride and joy for them.

Over the years, they have always chosen to listen closely to the voices of our loyal customers and well-wishers as the concept of our brand is woven around the Kickin’Inn fans being its lifeline.

As a ritual, every time a new Kickin’Inn restaurant is being planned, Sami and Ravi are often observed seeking recommendations from our fans. Emerton Village as the next location was without a doubt the most preferred by our customers.

We’d like to thank our invaluable fans for the support and love as none of what we’ve accomplished together would have been possible without each one of YOU 😊

📍Kickin’Inn Emerton

32 & 40 Jersey Road

Emerton NSW 2770

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