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Kickin’Inn Party Hub

Posted November 22, 2022

Celebrate at Kickin’Inn!


It’s time to party at Kickin’Inn! Over the past 4 years, Kickin’Inn has become a party hub for many of our customers’ celebrations. As we continue to evolve and open more stores, we are excited to continue transforming our restaurants into venues that can hold large quantities of people, and be our customer’s first choice for where to have their celebration.

Kickin’Inn hosts birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, wedding dinners, and many more celebrations regularly. The beauty of Kajun Seafood is it’s a unique cuisine that is designed to be shared in a fun atmosphere with a large group, which is exactly what we have to offer. Celebration is part of the Kickin’inn DNA, so stop waiting and come visit the party hub.

Kickin'Inn-partyPlanning your Party


Kickin’Inn now has 14 restaurants Australia-wide, with each restaurant having its own unique layout and setup. Some of our notable restaurants which provide the perfect vibe and atmosphere for a party location are our Bankstown, Spring Hill, Port Melbourne, and Campbelltown restaurants. These 4 stores in particular have large seating areas that can hold large numbers of people with party sizes of up to 100 people. For all celebrations, our amazing staff goes above and beyond to help assist with any requests, and make each celebration held at our party hubs as special as possible for the guests. Our number one priority is ensuring all guests have an unforgettable night filled with fun, laughter, and joy. This is how we measure the success of a celebration at Kickin’Inn. 

The Kickin’Inn party hub has plenty to offer for celebrations of any type or size. We offer specialised menu packages upon request that are personalised towards any budget or menu item of choice. Alternatively, all parties can simply choose and order from the all-day menu. Kickin’Inn doesn’t have any set menu requirements regardless of party size, which adds flexibility and freedom for all party hub bookings at Kickin’Inn. 



How to Book


Now you’re probably wondering, how do I book my next party or celebration at Kickin’Inn? To book your next celebration at a Kickin’Inn party hub, get in contact with us via our email info@kickininn.com.au, or visit our website and contact one of our stores directly. Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any questions or enquiries you may have or help confirm a future booking date for your party. After contacting us, we’ll be able to assist with making your event a memorable one! Whether that be extra Kickin’Inn balloons or personalised accessories, the possibilities are endless. It’s our goal to make your special day as perfect as possible, so rest assured our staff will go to any means necessary to make this happen. Please understand special requests may incur extra costs. 

Kickin’ Inn party hub is here! Nothing makes us happier than seeing joy and smiles amongst friends and family when celebrating a special event or milestone at one of our restaurants. We plan to continue evolving our restaurants into the ultimate party hub location by constantly innovating our store designs and improving the overall atmosphere. Fun vibes are what we’re all about, so if you’re looking for a good time filled with plenty of laughs, then look no further than Kickin’Inn as your next party destination.




















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