October 2022 at Kickin’Inn

Posted October 21, 2022

October at Kickin’ Inn

National Seafood Month has begun, and the Kickin’Inn crew couldn’t be more excited. Seafood Month holds a special place in our hearts at Kickin’Inn, as our love for seafood has transcended from food into lifelong friendships and happy memories. For many, seafood is a reason for people to get together, a reason to celebrate a special occasion or simply just a reason to socialise and dine. We encourage everyone to get involved this Seafood Month and celebrate with your loved ones at Kickin’Inn.

 In Celebration of National Seafood Day, Kickin’Inn will be crowning October as National Seafood Month. To celebrate this special month, we are introducing a new menu item that is sure to please your taste buds. Our brand-new Seafood Cocktail! The Seafood Cocktail will be running from the 1st of October to the 31st in celebration of seafood month. Now you’re probably wondering, what is in the Seafood Cocktail? Well get ready ladies and gentlemen, because it is breathtaking! The Seafood Cocktail will consist of:

🐟 2 Fish 

🦑 5 Salt and Pepper Squid

🦀 5 Calamari Rings

🍤 5 Crumbed Prawns

🧅 5 Onion Rings

🥚 2 Boiled Eggs

🐙 5 Tentacles 

Drizzled in our special Kickin’ Sauce. All for the affordable price of $39.95! We’ve provided the ultimate bang for your buck menu item, and we can’t wait for everyone to try it. Make sure to get in quick though, the Seafood Cocktail will only be available for a limited time.

Seafood Cocktail

Seafood Cocktail




















Seafood Month TikTok Dance Giveaway

We recently wrapped up our Seafood Month TikTok Challenge. Customers and fans were encouraged to do their seafood dance in celebration of Seafood month. It was great to see everyone get involved and post their dances to TikTok. People who joined in on the fun were able to collect a free Seafood Cocktail on October 19th, as a reward for getting involved and being creative. Some of Australia’s biggest TikTok creators even got involved, showing their support for Seafood month, adding to the success of which was super fun promotion. Check out some of the awesome seafood dances that were done!

We very much look forward to doing more promotional giveaways like this in the future, as it was great to see so many smiles on faces

New Store Openings

More exciting news! And something that has been in the works for months, we’re thrilled to announce that the month of October will see one new Kickin’inn store opening. Although our plans at Kickin’Inn extend much greater, milestones like these are great to reflect on, as it was only four short years ago when we had our first store opening. The success of Kickin’Inn has been the result of our loyal customers, who continue to show constant support. And of course, the hard work of our team of over 400 employees, who work tirelessly to help build Kickin’inn into what it has become today.
















Crows Nest

Our first store opening is our Crow’s Nest location, which will be opening on the 24th of October. We’re extremely excited to see our Crow’s Nest Store open, as we begin to branch out more into the north of Sydney. Its neighbour store Dee Why has been greatly received by everyone since opening, and we anticipate Crow’s Nest will be loved by everyone as well. Crow’s Nest we will see you on the 24th! Be ready!


Our second store and arguably our most anticipated, Kickin’Inn Parramatta will be opening in early November. Our Parramatta store will be opening on Church Street, also known as Eat Street. Nicknamed Eat Street due to the number of delicious eateries, the team at Kickin’Inn are thrilled to be opening in such an infamous location. Kickin’Inn will be the latest addition to Eat Street, as we plan to make a bang and cement our spot as one of the go-to restaurants in Parramatta. Watch this space!


Our third store opening will be our Logan location which has everyone excited due to the success of our Spring Hill restaurant since opening. Logan will be only our second QLD restaurant location, which has been in the works for some time now. Spring Hill has proven to be one of our most successful and busiest stores, and we fully expect Logan to follow in its footsteps. Whilst Logan will be only our second QLD store, there are plenty more in the pipeline as we plan to flood QLD with Kickin’Inn Restaurants. The love and support we have received from QLD so far have been humbling, to say the least. All we can say is get ready Queensland!

Future Plans

The future is looking very bright for Kickin’Inn, with 3 stores opening before the end of the year, and many more to come in the coming years, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Everyone’s feedback is greatly appreciated, and we love to hear via socials and online where you want to see new store openings. Our goal at Kickin’inn is to eventually have 100 stores throughout Australia, and eventually branch out internationally. Opening new stores however can be a timely process, as everyone’s patience is greatly appreciated. New Zealand, keep your eyes peeled! 

Upcoming Events

With Spring in full force and Summer just around the corner, there’s plenty happening at Kickin’inn. We’re looking to finish the year off with a bang, so that means plenty of deals, offers and fun! We can’t reveal too much, however, there’s a lot to get excited about. To keep up with all the latest events and news and announcements, make sure to follow all of our socials and regularly visit our website. Happy Seafood Month!



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