WeekDay Brunch at Kickin’Inn!

Brunch time is the best time of the day. We have an amazing brunch offer at Kickin’Inn from 11 am – 4 pm (Mon-Fri).

Indulge in delicious seafood brunch for $179.95.

👉🏼Brunch offer ( serves 4-5 people )
1/2 a dozen oysters 🦪
16 x Whole Fresh Prawns 🦐
16 x Peeled Prawns 🍤
15 x Half – shelled Mussels
8 x Moreton Bay Bugs ( Halves )
4 x Rice 🍚
1 x Jug of Soft Drink 🥤
1 x Complimentary Garden Salad 🥗

4 x Complimentary Cakes 🍰


One thought on “WeekDay Brunch at Kickin’Inn!”

  1. Hi do you have any plans tonopen restaurants in Victoria, Australia. If so what areas and when. This concept looks amazing.

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