At Kickin’Inn celebrating equality is important for us 365 days of the year and this Mardi Gras weekend, in particular, we stand in solidarity with the LGBTIQA+ community.

We are incredibly proud that Carla From Bankstown accepted our invitation to be Kickin’Inn’s Kween of Mardi Gras and we can’t wait to have so many fans – old and new – come into our restaurants to join in the fun of our Mardi Gras Long Weekend.

It has been disappointing to see a small number of people write some very unkind, untrue and un-Australian things about Carla and the LGBTIQA+ community on some of our recent social media posts. While we support free speech, we will never support such sentiments.

We will always be a business with heart – and that means respecting one another, despite our differences.

We wish Carla and the LGBTIQA+ community a fabulous Mardi Gras weekend & we can’t wait to join in the celebrations!

Ravi & Sami

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