Posted March 4, 2022

At Kickin’Inn celebrating equality is important for us 365 days of the year and this Mardi Gras weekend, in particular, we stand in solidarity with the LGBTIQA+ community.

We are incredibly proud that Carla From Bankstown accepted our invitation to be Kickin’Inn’s Kween of Mardi Gras and we can’t wait to have so many fans – old and new – come into our restaurants to join in the fun of our Mardi Gras Long Weekend.

It has been disappointing to see a small number of people write some very unkind, untrue and un-Australian things about Carla and the LGBTIQA+ community on some of our recent social media posts. While we support free speech, we will never support such sentiments.

We will always be a business with heart – and that means respecting one another, despite our differences.

We wish Carla and the LGBTIQA+ community a fabulous Mardi Gras weekend & we can’t wait to join in the celebrations!

Ravi & Sami

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