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Great Place to Work

Posted June 19, 2023

Great Place to Work

In December 2022, Kickin’Inn embarked on the journey of becoming a certified Great Place to Work. As of June 2023, we proudly announce that we have achieved Great Place to Work-Certified™ status for 2023-2024.

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What is Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work is a nationally recognised program that employs a rigorous methodology and relies on validated employee feedback. For the past 15 years, Great Place to Work has been identifying and acknowledging the best workplaces in Australia. Their approach involves conducting employee surveys to assess all aspects of a business, helping determine whether it is a conducive work environment.
Becoming Great Place to Work certified serves as a testament to how our employees genuinely feel about our company. While many companies may claim to be exceptional workplaces, they often lack the evidence to support their claims, relying solely on personal opinion.

What It Means for Kickin’Inn

Being officially acknowledged as a Great Place to Work is a truly humbling achievement. What makes it even more gratifying is the recognition of the hard work we invest behind the scenes to create a fun and inclusive workplace. At Kickin’Inn, we genuinely value our employees, not just through words, but through our actions. We go above and beyond to celebrate their milestones, achievements, birthdays, and successes within the company. Unlike many larger corporations where employees can often feel unnoticed and their efforts go unrecognised, this is not the case at Kickin’Inn. We provide opportunities for growth at every level of the company. Over our 5 years in business, several employees have started at entry-level positions in our restaurants and advanced to more senior roles within the company. We consider an employee’s values and work ethic to be just as important as their skills and experience. Therefore, regardless of your skill and experience level, there is always a suitable position for you at Kickin’Inn.

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Working at Kickin’Inn

Joining a certified Great Place to Work company means becoming part of an organisation where employees genuinely love their employer and their workplace. At Kickin’Inn, we have cultivated a fun and inclusive environment that encourages our employees to progress and enhance their skills. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other exceptional individuals who share a passion for what they do and enjoy having fun. Let’s not forget about the exciting activities outside of work that you can take part in. Our renowned Breakfast Bash occurs once every quarter, along with birthday celebrations and staff incentives for achieving significant milestones. Speaking of staff incentives, last year we launched a sales challenge across all 12 of our stores, with the reward being a helicopter ride for every employee who worked on that day if the target was met. Needless to say, they surpassed all expectations and excelled in the challenge. The following week, as a token of appreciation for their hard work and outstanding results, all staff members enjoyed group helicopter rides around the city. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?


Think you have what it takes to work at Kickin’Inn? Fill out an expression of interest form here. We strive to respond to all applicants as promptly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Think you have what it takes to work at Kickin'Inn?

Fill out an expression of interest form here. We strive to respond to all applicants as promptly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!