Kickin’s Krackin’ Krabs!

🦀Kickin’s Krackin’ Krabs🦀

Come and try our juicy Krabs in our new AUS-KAJUN sauce. AUS-KAJUN is an owner’s special sauce. It’s a mixture of herbs and spices, rich, creamy and has a coconut mix.

👉🏼What’s in the bag? ($139.95)
10 x Mud Crabs 🦀
10 x Tiger Prawns 🦐
5 x Potatoes 🥔
2 x Rice (Complimentary) 🍚
1 x Jug of Soft Drink (Complimentary)

It’s $139.95 and for a limited time only.

💥 This offer starts on June 1st 💥

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