Kickin’Inn Proudly Feeds Australian Red Cross Staff & Volunteers

On Saturday, Kickin’Inn proudly fed hundreds of Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers across Sydney and Melbourne as they raised money for those affected by the recent floods during the Australia Unites Flood Appeal telethon. 

Saturday’s telethon saw more than 92,000 people come together to collectively donate $25.2M for the victims of the recent floods in NSW and QLD. 

Australian Red Cross has announced they will be distributing the funds from this Friday via two cash grants; a Bereavement Grant of $20,000 for the senior next-of-kin of people who lost their lives in the recent floods, and a Relief Grant of $500 per household to help with immediate needs of those who were affected by the floods. 

We are honoured to be working together with such an incredible organisation to help our fellow Australians in as many ways as possible and thank all our fans and customers for taking part through donating or simply by sharing our stories and raising awareness. 

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